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Purulent Seas

A recent government press release regarding blood stream Staph aureus infections  made headline news. There were many pejorative and inflammatory statements (excuse the pun). This post is  motivated to look a little more closely at the data than the point estimates and the “ranking”. This information is important. However, it must interpreted with a deeper understanding of the methodology (and its limitations) and the observed differences should  be hypothesis generating and not for simplistic inferences based on rankings.

The following was extracted (with some difficulty) from the downloadable interactive (*.mht) file. It is presented to amplify/provide other ways of visualizing and representing the data (not to promulgate a particular position).  It behoves us all to think carefully about information provided to us.

The overall data is presented above (hovering over data points provides tooltips). The hospitals were broken down by type:


The following are histograms of the overall data and by hospital category:



The following table presents probability of cases > x per 10000 bed days for the different hospital categories:


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