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I continue to learn a lot from Mathematica Stackexchange. It is a great resource. I have had some long and stressful days of late (and there are more to come).  I get a lot out of contemplating the questions on the site. I learn from the expert users,  I have fun trying to come up with an answer and I improve my communication skills in trying to provide a coherent, hopefully helpful, answer.  The endeavour helps me process the baggage of the day.

I have not been an active review and only very recently looked into metamathematica.stackexchange. I found a wonderful, living active community. This blog post arises out of an interesting question regarding analytics on the Mathematica Stackexhange site. (it is here:1:eJxTTMoPKmZmYGAoLkoGABNTAwM=…if a MSE user happens to want to look).

I have rerun some of the code (NOT MINE). I found solace, that despite being a casual and not acitve enough user (in editing,  reviewing, closing) that I am a member of this community. There is a larger set of users but this focused on 100 users ranked by reputation. This seriously overcalls me but, even if a statisitical anomaly (my penchant for answering low level questions), I am glad to be part of this community that the analytics has peered into.

Here is a The community graph:




I am in community group 3 (the blue square)…




My other  communities are in major flux. The following graphic, a comic expression of extreme frustration has has very deep roots in a sad reality of the present.



I hope all the communities we inhabit grow, develop and are resilient to the storms that come.

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