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The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT


This is an excellent introduction. The approach is systematic and it is comprehensive covering coronary heart disease, valvular, pericardial ohysiology and disease; congenital heart disease, electrophysiolgical planing role of cardiac CT.  The author presents text and images in an integrated manner, There are a number of useful tables and summaries of key evidence. The writing is balanced and compares CT with other imaging modalities: invasive coronary angiography, echocardiography, cardiac MRI. The author does, perhaps, overly stress the lmiitations of invasive angiography. However, overall this is an excellent introduction. I would have liked more images and a dedicated more detailed section of the normal heart anatomy. However, the introduction of the techniques used and the challenges: spatial and temporal resolution, protocols including does and timing of contrast injection, ECG gating and other techniques to balancing imaging of desired structure and minimization of radiation exposure.




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