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Love and Math

This book is both an invitation to dive into Mathematics and the account of personal journey  from humble beginnings and in the face of structural prejudice. Mathematics had a transforming role as a universal, objective yet dynamic discipline.  Professor Frenkel, though clearly an exceptional Mathematician, faced major obstacles to pursuing his passion and  profession.   The book  provides insights into the structural ant-semitism in Russia and the clandestine efforts of people of good will  to fight against this.

The Mathematical story is weaved through this personal story. This certainly has motivated me to learn about the Langland’s programme and modern Mathematics.  I look forward to diving into this, if and when I get time. The book provides a taste focused on concepts.

I think the journey through adversity and making difficult decisions along the way  was poignant and inspirational.  The pursuit of Mathematics, to discover  the hidden deep connections of the Mathematical universe and how it relates to the remarkably comprehensible “real world”, was its own reward and a lingua franca bringing together people of diverse origins, experience and passions..  Professor Frenkel appears to be  a Platonist, arguing an independent universe of Mathematical Truth that humans discover (and do not create)…I think I am to but this is a deep philosophical question and I have only an extremely limited field of view. This book encourages me to broaden it.

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