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Mathematical Physiology II and Mathematical Biology II

I rushed through “Mathematical Physiology II” and have been reading the second volume of “Mathematical Biology II”.

Mathematical Physiology II

This book was beyond my capacity. However, it is well written. The detailed descriptions of the systems covered in this book are excellent, as are the companion diagrams. The circulation, heart, blood, respiratory system, endocrine system, renal system, gastrointestinal system, vision and hearing are covered. The mathematical models and analysis form motivation for imporving my knowledge and understanding. There is (understandable) overlap with the approaches of the Murray (Mathematical Biology). The importance of nondimensionalization, linearization and linear stability analysis are discussed. These approaches are repeatedly used to illustrate features of the models.

Mathematical Biology

I am half way through this book. This is rightly a classic and I am enjoying this second volume more than the first volume. The discussion of spatial patterns in a number of contexts and exploring a number of mechanisms: reaction-diffusion models, mechanical models has been illuminating. The disussion of integumentary patterns: tigers, leopards, fish, snakes (more complex) as well as developmental pattern formation are presented in a consistent manner and the importance of the approaches mentioned above are uniformlu used and the comparison with empirical evidence a common feature.

General Comments

I have frequently posted my commentary about books on “AMazon”. However, the limitations of the (required) ratings are no more evident than when a novice (me) tries to “rate” textbooks. I learned a lot from both these books. They are motivation to improve my education (when time permits)>

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