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Not so hidden in plain sight

I have been musing with the Image Processing features of Mathematica. A home maintenance projet provided an opportunity: painting over a repaired wall defect.

I took before and after photographs. The position was not exact and there were some shadowing realted to time of day. However, this still allowed processing. The painting with computer color matched at the hardware store and the whole region was repainted and roughly two layers were applied.

The exercise was to see if the underlying defect could still be detected despite the painting. I used ColorConvert, HistogramTransform (using Manipulate and Slider2D to modify image) and then GradientOrientationFilter.

The results are shown in the graphic below. The top row are the cropped before and after photographs and the corresponding processed images are shown directly below. Note the square defect is easily discernible and the second image of the second row.


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