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Stochastic Modeling: Analysis and Simulation


This is a great book with the matching great Dover price. The author’s writing style is clear. The concepts are motivated by “real world” examples and the concepts are then applied to examples. The assumptions, limitations and pitfalls are explored.

I thought the exploration of Poisson process decomposition and the superposition of independent Poisson processes. The memoryless and time stationarity assumptions and the practical work through these.  The hands on use of Poisson , exponential and binomial distributions was very instructive.

The exposition of Markov processes was excellent: discrete and continuous. The properties, the criteria for unique stationary distribution, the clear illustration of the concepts: reducible versus irreducible; class of states (transient, recurrent) etc was excellent.

The queueing theory largely based on the Markov concept was very useful.

I learned a lot from this book. It was clear, enjoyable and all at the economical Dover price. The author’s style  was practical clear and precise  and proofs were clear or suggested. The “rigor issue” may offend some but that should be the motivator to learn more and not a criticism of the book.


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