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Game Theory: An Introduction

This is an excellent book. I read this in a time  pressured manner and certainly have not done it justice (or consequently maximized my learning opportunity).

The book is extremely well written. The expositions are clear and there is a  systemic progression from simple normal form games with assumptions of rationality and common knowledge.  Extensive form games,  complete versus incomplete information, perfect versus imperfect information, repeated games, games with imperfect information and the role of external agencies (Nature, mechanisms for decision making) and finally issues of reputation, cheap, talk and information sharing in more general games that are perhaps closer to everyday life.

I was deeply engaged by the earliest chapters. As the complexity and generality increased I knew I would have to invest more time than I had. However, the pressured reading was not fruitless. The author  uses repetition, simple exampls an motivating real world examples and repeatedly expresses the intuitive aspects of the models and solution concepts.

I learned a lot from this book including the need to examine the rationality, actions, outcomes, payoffs of “games” of everyday life in a more structured way. If you have more time you will get more out of it. This is another book for me to come back to.

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