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The Mechanics of the Circulation


This is a comprehensive book for the period that it was originally written in. This book was recommended to me by a colleague.  The book covers the anatomical and functional aspects of the heart, the major arteries, the systemic micro-circulation, the systemic veins and finally the pulmonary circulation.

There is extensive reference to empirical animal and (where available) human data. There is clear description of  how the experiments were performed and their limitations with respect to understanding the in-vivo function of the integrated intact organism.

The books references to ultrasound and other currently increasingly important clinical modalities such as cardiac magnetic resonance  imaging seems dated, particularly given the spatial resolution, and modern  in roads into cardiac mechanics using speckle tracking etc.

However, it provided me a humbling and very important lesson in anatomy and physiology and biologically relevant fluid dynamics. I was shamed by the depth of my ignorance within an area I should have been more familiar.

The graphics mix well with the text and all the experimental data is fully referenced.


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