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The Joy of X


I enjoyed this book. It is very easy to read.  Each chapter is self contained but naturally connects within sections. Professor Strogatz provides  motivating personal anecdotes to introduce concepts.  The progression from basic concept to unanticipated extension or application is enjoyable. The book, I believe, is intentionally focussed on concepts and development of the imagination rather than technical details. The use of special notation is limited and only presented when necessary. The topics are presented with useful stories or visual cues. The same  concepts are presented from different viewpoints.

Perhaps, what I found the most enjoyable about this book are the notes at the end. The references to a number of interesting topics (dragonfly air vorticity leading to lift; Mobius strip musings, the packing fraction of theatre couple sitting…). This will hopefully be the fruit of future contemplation and new explorations.

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