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A Short Course in General Relativity

This is an excellent book. The writing style is clear and the authors bridge Newtonian gravitation, special relativity and general relativity. The authors concentrate on insights motivated from classical physics and then using special cases, linearizations or simplified assumptions it demonstrates the Newtonian approach in the limit and differences from general relativity.  There is also a focus on the testable predictions from general relativity. This amplified understanding for me. The authors/ concentrate on developing concepts sufficient to illustrate or demonstrate a feature of relativity: from Euclidean space to curvilinear coordinates, metrics, tensors, manifolds and tensor fields. This allows the book to be concise. The book has a number of appendices dealing with special relativity, tensors and manifolds.

The book’s focus is not Mathematics or rigor but it allowed me insights into Mathematical concepts despite (or perhaps because of) its utilitarian approach: the Mathematics to serve understanding  General Relativity.

This book provided me the clearest, broadest and most coherent insight into General Relativity that I have read.

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  1. September 28, 2012 at 7:26 pm
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