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The Second Book of General Ignorance

This is a genuinely delightful book (though I do have a tendency to overuse this adjective).   I thoroughly enjoyed The Book of General Ignorance and anticipated a similar experience with this book.

These sort of books can be read in different ways. You can read them cover to cover or selectively, choosing whatever  question piques your interest. I started with the latter approach and worried that it would disappoint (in comparison with the first book).  However, after unexpectedly having some free time I read it cover to cover.  It was a journey of  surprise (misconceptions brought out), laughter and general pleasure. The authors range from social constructs, biology, physics, etymology. Whether it is what do aeroplanes do with the contents of their ‘lavatories’ (or for that matter what is the right term for the small room we all have to go to), to the ‘forty fourth president of the United States’, or how may countries are in the G20, I was entertained.

The book has a United Kingdom reader orientation but this is a minor issue.  The authors have found a way to present information that is both instructive (‘facts’ plus reason/logic) and entertaining.

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