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Simulating Cardiac Cycle

I used parameters found in  the physiology literature for modeling the left ventricular pressure volume loops.

  • systolic elastance 2.0 mm Hg/mL
  • diastolic elastance 0.15 mm Hg/mL
  • diastolic time: -549 + 2.13  * HR + 61500  /HR , where HR is heart rate (Chung CS et al,  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2004;287:2003-2008)
  • myocardial perfusion index =  (IVCT+ IVRT)/ET= 0.39
  • Other model assumptions: heart rate  60/min, end-diastolic volume: 120 mL, end-systolic volume 50 mL

I have omitted  the standard errors in the above.

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