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The above graphic is the life expectancy in countries of the world. The color coding shows maximum life expectancy in red. The other colors are code for fraction of the maximum life expectancy. Place the cursor over country of interest and a tooltip will display country name and life expectancy (in years) if data is available.

This graphic illustrates Mathematica’s export capabilities with respect to Tooltips. It also allows hyperlinks to be exported. The concentration of small countries makes some of the tooltips problematic, however, it is illustrative of the capability.

Some manipulation was required to get this to work on WordPress. The suppression of alternate text and graphic caption were required.

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  1. January 23, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    The tooltips are activated when the cursor is over a rectangular area defined by coordinates of two corners (image rectangular coordinate system). Rectangles for some countries that overlap others completely effectively suppress the other country, e.g. Afghanistan (the relatively green country) next to Pakistan is suppressed, similarly for Ecuador in South America, and Portugal.

    The tool tips within Mathematica are activated when the cursor is within the enclosing polygon.

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