Relaxation Oscillator

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Professor Strogatz Cornell course video lectures on “Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos” are now online. This post pays homage to lecture 10 on analysis of the  Van der Pol equaltion:

\ddot{x}+x+\mu \dot{x}(x^2-1)=0

In the following the case for \mu =2,\mu =10 and the examination of the \mu >>1. It nicely illustrates the two time scales referred to, the slow then fast parts of the oscillation.

The phase portrait is the x, y plane where y is the the Lienard transformed and rescaled version of the equation.

So the system is:



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Double Pendulum

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Chronic Mitral Regurgitation Misconception

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Gaasch et al report an interesting study looking at the commonly expressed “low impedance” retrograde regurgitant volume. This graphic uses the mathematical model in the paper:


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Pi By Any Other Name

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coprimepiThis post is motivated by this video by standupmath (Matt Parker).

This simulates the procedure in the video (different upper bounds of integers and sample sizes):

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Ask a Dead Salmon

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I found this on “Calling Bullshit”. It is no doubt a wonderful illustration of spurious correlation. It made me laugh out loud.



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More Hypocycloid Fun

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The generalization of hypocycloid in hypocycloid. In this case 5,11:



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