Ripples from the Past

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This post is a small exploration of the A model balancing cooperation and competition can explain our right-handed world and the dominance of left-handed athletes.

I explore the model:


where l(t) is the fraction of left handers in the population and  the cooperation and competitve (sigmoid) functions used are from another paper by the same authors.


The dynamics are explored for some values of cooperative function, coupling constant:


Critical points: red dl/dt>0, dl/dt>0:



and exploration with varying initial population of left handers showing pitchfork bifurcation behaviour:



This is a very interesting paper. Perhaps, other people will enjoy it.


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Rolling stone

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This post is an exploration of curves with constant width:

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Hidden Beauty

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This post is motivated by replication of a tweet gif (based on the cosmic dance of earth and venus: an approximation assuming circular orbit and approximate periods):


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Going in Circles…

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I continue my “wild” theme of exploring Professor Wildberger’s jewels on Youtube. The following animated gif shows hyperbolic circles (using the quadrance concept). The circles are centred at the red (moving point) and the contour labels are the quadrances. Note the tangent lines which connect with unit circle have quadrance 0 and the qualitative change of points inside and outside the unit circle.


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Monkeying Around

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The  “monkey saddle” is an interesting surface. In the following  the left panel is parametric space, the middle panel the surface and the third panel a plot of the curvature as function of parameters (parametrization:{u,v,u^3-3uv^2}. with value at point in parameter space below the graphic.



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Ghostly quadrics everywhere…

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I continue my posts motivated by Professor Wildberger’s lectures. This post explores confocal quadrics:



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